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WireTap: The Contest

CBC is running a contest for those with a creative mind. Put your audio imagination into an animation creation: Calling all animators! What does WireTap look like to you? WireTap is launching its first-ever animation contest and we want you to enter! It’s easy: all you have to do is download one of three contest-approved mp3s, animate it in the style of your choice–stop-motion, hand-drawn,
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IATSE Targets Independant Video Production Houses in Halifax. Why?

Video production is a big part of a successful social marketing campaign. As such, often the nimble and creative services of small local production houses are used. This is why I was a bit concerned as I listened to my usual morning show on the radio during breakfast today. A story surfaced on CBC this morning about how the large
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Canada tries to pull a Fast-one with a SOPA of it’s own (Bill C-11)

Like Your PVR? Like your right to copy CDs or DVDs you bought for your own use? Right now that is all legal and prudent in Canada. Well folks PM Harper is saying NO – he wants to make that illegal. The Tories are screwing us by making sure that we can no longer tape, record, copy or otherwise enjoy
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Feature Hamburger

Do you need to go on an Information Diet?

I really can not add more to this great discussion from Q on CBC Radio than what is said below: Clay A. Johnson argues that if you feel like you’re suffering from information overload, the real problem is probably your own bad habits. In his new book, The Information Diet, he makes the case for mindful media consumption. He advocates
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An attendee at the 2012 National Liberal Convention expresses my thoughts. Source: National Post

Do Today’s Political Parties still need Social Media Education?

I listened to The Current on CBC Radio with some interest this morning. They were talking about the national Liberal Party convention in Ottawa over the weekend. It seems that that party is trying to be more open and inclusive. What struck a chord with me is that the attendees were treated to some social media learning. They had a
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