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Q & A: How will the country’s copyright laws affect Canadians?

This article first appeared in Global News : Global Edmonton TORONTO – On Jan. 19, Canadians watched in awe as key players in the digital world – Wikipedia, Wired, WordPress and Mozilla to name a few – orchestrated what has been dubbed the “largest protest in history.” The tech companies teamed up in an effort to raise awareness about two
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SOAP Shoplifting

Why did Hollywood fight hard against SOPA? [INFOGRAPHIC]

This fight is now happening in Canada under the proposed C11. One can be assured that the same folks arguing in favour of the flawed SOPA bill are also lobbying hard with the current Conservative government in Ottawa. (I refuse to call it by thier own brand name of the H####R Government.) Lets do a bit of “the end is
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Art Feature - Look alike

Ho Hum – It’s Doppelgänger Week Again

Doppelgänger Week has it’s origins on Facebook in 2010, when a fellow named Bob Patel, who was told he was strikingly familiar to Tom Selleck, declared Doppelgänger Week to be the first week of February. I think this might be more of a lore than a fact as being the first, as Mashable reported in 2009 that Coke Zero had a Facebook
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Google Protest of SOPA

A Day of Protest against Censorship.

As mentioned in a post yesterday, many sites are going dark or advocating protest against the SOPA bill in the US. This bill affects not only Americans, but others outside of the US, including here in Canada. If the bill is passed, it will lead to pressure on Ottawa to follow suit. Regardless of changes to any laws outside of
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