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Digging into some CSS. How’s that work again?

An interesting thing happened on – a design and Pinterest leaning site. When a certain sideboard caught my eye I wanted to Pin it. I saw this come up in a pop out window: I wanted to not bother with the sales message. What then showed after an image refresh, but not a browser refresh was this: The code
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This Penguin is feeling a little lonely.

<meta name=”description” content=”If you’d like to be the new Community Manager at Penguin Press, then please, help us cheer up this Penguin.” /> So starts the code for a great site built in HTML5 as a means to entice great prospective employees to apply for a job at Penguin Press. The job may be filled, but the site is still
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Feature 3d view

Go Deep into the Code

Firefox allows you to go deep into the code visually – specifically into the nesting of tables and divs. How? First right click on an area. You will see the choice to ‘Inspect Element’. In this case it is to look at the profile picture in this Facebook timeline. Now at the bottom of the page to the right you
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feature shrinkwrap

CSS Scale Your Website for Facebook Page App Call-in

Looking to create a page app that ties directly into your website, but your website is perhaps wider than the he maximum recommended width on a page app of 760 px? To remedy this, create a mirror of your website specifically for your Facebook app to call in. What you want to do is scale down the size of the
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feature summer of learning

Summer of Learning

A free resource for you coders out there will be available on July 23rd from Aquent and Vitamin Talent. It’s always exciting to learn new things, and summer is the perfect time for working professionals to do so. Things are a bit slower, and with Aquent/Vitamin T’s Summer of Learning, you can hone your skills at your leisure. That’s right.
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