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The Best of Spring is Not Here. Achoo!!

    I am confounded that I should get the spring catalouge from Sears the day before the biggest winter storm that we have seen in Halifax for 10 years. What is it about those who produce such thing that we would be thinking of the Christmas Wish List in August, or looking at spring in the middle of a
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In 2011 Facebook Accounted for 25% of Digital Display Ads. 2012?

“Among the many beneficiaries of the growth and innovation in display advertising are web publishers. The leading U.S. publisher of display ads in 2011 was Facebook with more than 1.3 trillion impressions (27.9 percent market share), more than double that of #2 publisher Yahoo! Sites at 529 billion impressions. Microsoft Sites followed as the third largest display ad publisher with
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Where is Interactive Marketing Going?

Forrester released a great study in 2011 about Interactive Marketing in a forcast up to 2016. Specifically the report section I wanted to share was regarding amount spent in terms of budgets, and planning for those budgets. Here is that segment: By 2016, advertisers will spend $77 billion on interactive marketing — as much as they do on television today.
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Study: Digital Magazine Ad Engagement

Digital Ad Engagement: Perceived Interactivity as a Driver of Advertising Effectiveness, a study by  Alex Wang, Ph.D. of the University of Connecticut (Stamford) explores use of interactive approaches as a way to increase efficacy of digital magazine advertising. These ads employ technology to deliver expandable, rollover, transitional, and over-the-page and games to the reader. We say reader in this case
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