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GoDaddy Going Down Has Big Implications

When I log into this blog, I am presented by a qualifier developed by Sweet Captcha which also stops auto spamming of this blog. Since this is a plug to the WordPress CMS, I am not alone in using this clever and fun qualifier.   Yesterday however, I was not able to login to post a new entry. Without the
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Attention to the Details

  Running ads on YouTube to promote your video is nothing new. Neither is paying attention to details. I ran across this ad on YouTube. Interested I clicked.   What I got was a video that gave me zero value. Some of the comments showed that posting a video about what is in the food is not a great idea
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Too Many Posts to Your Timeline Creates Havoc to Like

Yesterday I received a lot of posts on my Facebook wall as it was my birthday. What the problem was, was that I could not readily access to see who was posting, or to like each post because of the volume. This got me thinking of how this really is a limitation for someone who might have upwards to 5000
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