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Getting Page Likes the Wrong Way

  Since this is the first post by this page, I am thinking that they are using this photo to make things viral for their page, rather than any statement on animal cruelty. The image is shocking, but the source is not known. The subject matter is off topic with the page. If it the page had many posts and
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Art Feature - Look alike

Ho Hum – It’s Doppelgänger Week Again

Doppelgänger Week has it’s origins on Facebook in 2010, when a fellow named Bob Patel, who was told he was strikingly familiar to Tom Selleck, declared Doppelgänger Week to be the first week of February. I think this might be more of a lore than a fact as being the first, as Mashable reported in 2009 that Coke Zero had a Facebook
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Rewarding your Fans (of the Week)

I recently read about a new Facebook app that allows you to automatically post a fan of the week based on the interaction of fans on your Facebook page. To me it causes two concerns. Is the fan of the week the one who makes the most likes, comments, wall posts? Or is it one who gives the most value
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