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Paint What Matters – Halifax

Benjamin Moore has a contest that asks you to vote for the place that matters to you so that they can provide the paint to “Paint What Matters“. This is in partnership with Brad Pitt and his organization Here in Halifax, our own mayor got into the act. Mayor Mike Savage does a great job at helping to promote
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The Up and the Down of 1863

Since leaving the agency I was at I am now online in a mobile form. This meaning that I am roaming the house with my laptop and not really tied to any one place. Sure I have an office, but that is more or less a bunker and one at this time of year I choose not to be in.
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The Road to Social Involvement

Last week I had the chance to participate in the forum regarding a local infrastructure topic. The CBC was hosting a forum and it was webcast as well as carried on the radio and the snippet of when I spoke at the 30:30 minute mark made it on the news. While not all digital in nature, the reason I came
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Exploring the Neighbourhood. One Ass at a Time.

A viral funny that hits home is running around with local circles on social media. This is the prank of a couple of young lads who had the forsight (thank god that is all of the fore) to moon the Google streeet view car. This however is interesting in more than some youthful prankness. View Larger Map When you use
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Witness to Incident Flames the Local Social

There has been a local story that has really taken hold here in the port city. Halifax has always been a rough town. With a large number of late night drinking establishments, a large contingent of students and a local population that has a history of somewhat an affinity for the drink, this story is certainly one that resonates. Before
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Thar Be a Storm Brewin Billy

We are expecting a big winter storm here on the Canadian East Coast. I noticed that we have a good humour when it comes to this weather and thought I would share. The folks used are public figures btw.   And then of course there is this one – remember it is climate CHANGE not global WARMING.  

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Backing a Winner Either Way

Here is one story making a bit of a viral appearance with my local friends on Facebook. With no dog running, Anderson Cooper has to back the cat. This makes me wonder if I should have had my dog Wilbur run. In anycase it is nice to see a candidate with a one issue agenda raising awareness in this town.
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Get You in Your Movie via Facebook and a Nova Scotian

  As I enter the summer, I am not as apt to be posting as much, but am still reading about social media. One thing that I am proud of is the amount of talent here in Nova Scotia with regard to digital media and Social Media. This is a story from the local Coast which I republish here with
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IATSE Targets Independant Video Production Houses in Halifax. Why?

Video production is a big part of a successful social marketing campaign. As such, often the nimble and creative services of small local production houses are used. This is why I was a bit concerned as I listened to my usual morning show on the radio during breakfast today. A story surfaced on CBC this morning about how the large
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Yesterday’s Photos Meet Today’s Social

Ryan Delehanty dropped in a local Halifax thrift shop and found a treasure trove of photographs documenting some unknown peoples lives. Most of the photos are of the same group of mid- twenties characters and seem to be in the late 60s in parts of Halifax, Montreal and Philadelphia. The vintage shots capture a time when we documented our lives
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