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#spreadthecheer – UK Tweets Disagree

One would have thought that Starbucks would have learnt from the #McDStories debacle. This time the #spreadthecheer campaign backfired as people protested the tax dodging techniques of Starbucks in the UK where the company rigged expenses to offshore monies so they paid an astonishing 0.17 % in taxes. Apparently the company had a display at Natural History Museum in London with
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TweetReach Changes its Dashboard

  I meant to post this earlier in the month.¬† For those of you who use TweetReach as a way to measure your performance of your twitter feed, the metrics have changed for the better. Previously, this is what you had been given on a hash tag, account or word (not showing the most relevant recent tweets associated with the
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Targeting the Growing Senior Demographic

Older demographic is growing more than other demographics in Canada and the United States. Those over 50 are also the fastest growing demographic with respect to social media, though this would be reflective more from the opportunity to ramp up the participation of this group and the plateauing of younger demographics, rather than any new exciting trend. The real story
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