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Halifax musician and songwriter Dave Carroll of United Breaks Guitars. The World Wrestling Entertainment had his famous video removed from YouTube, claiming copyright infringement. (Chronicle Herald)

Censorship Raises it’s Head as Copyright Infringement

Halifax musician and songwriter Dave Carroll, of United Breaks Guitars fame, is relieved he won’t have to climb into the wrestling ring. “I was threatening to start taking anabolic steroids ’cause I’m only 175 pounds. If I have to go up to those guys, I have to gain some weight,” he joked Monday. Carroll’s famous music video, in which he
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Google Protest of SOPA

A Day of Protest against Censorship.

As mentioned in a post yesterday, many sites are going dark or advocating protest against the SOPA bill in the US. This bill affects not only Americans, but others outside of the US, including here in Canada. If the bill is passed, it will lead to pressure on Ottawa to follow suit. Regardless of changes to any laws outside of
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