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Smell You Later FBML. Can’t Says as I’ll Miss Ya.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. If you are still leaning on any – repeat ANY FBML code on your Facebook page, time to man up and dump it. You are going to be up the creek soon enough if you don’t. Currently the FBML page on Facebook states “FBML has been removed. If you are building a new application on
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Autoplay Video from YouTube on Facebook

The best way to promote video on your Facebook Fan Page is to create a page app and allow the embedding of video from an online service such as YouTube. You should however make sure that the video is set to autoplay. This is done by adding ;autoplay=1 at the end of the url within the YouTube iframe code. In this
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CSS Scale Your Website for Facebook Page App Call-in

Looking to create a page app that ties directly into your website, but your website is perhaps wider than the he maximum recommended width on a page app of 760 px? To remedy this, create a mirror of your website specifically for your Facebook app to call in. What you want to do is scale down the size of the
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Social Media Metrics

Analytical site Social Bakers recently gave recommendations on what metrics are important for social media monitoring. They put it forth that you should be following these: FANS – Total number of fans ENGAGEMENT RATE – The amount of people on average interacting with your content RESPONSE RATE/TIME – Response rate and time to your fans posts, very critical for reactive engagement GROWTH – Momentum
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