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Earth to Social Times: Pinterest is Not in Decline

  Social Times ran an article Pinterest’s Facebook App Is Losing Users – What Happened? today. The article says: The number of daily average users (DAU) had peaked at 1.3 million on April 18, which is also the day that Pinterest released an improved version of its iOS app. But the numbers dropped dramatically on April 20 after Pinterest tightened
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Social Networking Sites Face New Challenges

A report from CBC’s Information Morning’s Jesse Hirsh looks at some of the growing pains that sites are facing. [Listen @ CBC ]

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New Pinterest Terms of Service

So being a bit distracted with other things this week, I thought I would do a quick post today. The following is the new terms of service from Pinterest and worth a read over. Many times we don’t bother, but there are some key points that they make.Especially about selling content. If what was never a plan, then why did
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New Pinterest Research

Enguage, and independent agency, has recently release a new study A Review of Social Media’s Newest Sweetheart  with regard to how “companies need to understand the role Pinterest will play, not just in their social mix, but also in their entire marketing program” before wadding into the fray.   Read Study

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Can Pinterest Drive Traffic?

Pinterest is big news. It is the fastest growing trafficing social platform in 2012 – known as a socail curating site. Recently in a Digital Marketer Pro press release on,Pinterest was mentioned as to why marketers should be using it to drive traffic.  “Here’s the thing, Google+ has been getting a ridiculous amount of attention (perhaps undeserved) over the
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Pinterest. A Social Platform on a Metoric Rise.

I recently received this blog suggestion: Pinterest – what is it? Kind of looks to me like a new for of digg or reddit, but I haven’t explored it that much yet?.  So here goes. Pinterest is a basically what it says it is – a social platform tomake different boars and attach or pin interesting posts much like your
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