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Social Media is not a Quiet Playground

On Sunday, June 3, 2012, the Montreal Gazette published a story about internationally sought and alleged killer Luka Magnotta. The kicker was that the picture that accompanied the article was from Magnotta’s Facebook page and featured him holding a Labatt beer in a very visible manner. Labatt took offence to the photo and referred to it as being “highly denigrating”
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“Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators…”

  Another day, another blundering fool shooting himself in the foot by exposing his dark side – and ignorance of the fact that social media is not the place for private thoughts on advocating violence against women. Official spokesman for Rep. Nan Hayworth’s (R-NY) re-election campaign Jay Townsend is not helping his party friends these days when he espoused “Let’s
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Cleaning Out Facebook Messages

  I messaged a friend the other day and did not have a lot of time to do so. The sheer volume of old messages meant a lot of scrolling. Damn can’t I just make the new ones appear on the top? Anyway, I found that you can delete old posts. I think it is best to do it with
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How ‘Authorities’ Will Track You with C-30 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Nova Scotia MLA Asks for Action on Employers Demanding Passwords

A private members bill from opposition Liberal MLA, Andrew Younger, is being considered by the Nova Scotia provincial government. The bill would make it illegal for employers to ask from current or prospective employees for their social media passwords. The bill was tabled on April 23, 2012 as a way to help alleviate privacy concerns on this matter. Much ado
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Who wants a Facebook ID card?

Funny how this is all about Facebook and the power of your identity there, rather than on Google+ – which is where the story came to my attention. German Tobias Leingruber (@tbx) is an artist and communication designer who’s work “explores mutual impacts of communication technologies and society”.  Mixing art and technology with privacy and social issues, Tobias has come
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Q & A: How will the country’s copyright laws affect Canadians?

This article first appeared in Global News : Global Edmonton TORONTO – On Jan. 19, Canadians watched in awe as key players in the digital world – Wikipedia, Wired, WordPress and Mozilla to name a few – orchestrated what has been dubbed the “largest protest in history.” The tech companies teamed up in an effort to raise awareness about two
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When Warrants are Gone, Where is the Accountability?

The federal Conservative government in Canada is set to pass lawful access legislation that will allow law enforcement (or any government agency) to, without warrant and without any legal precedent, to force ISP and telecoms to provide personal information on any Canadian. This is not limited to a computer, but also extends to mobile devices. This is a cost that
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What is PIPEDA?

I have recieved quite a few querys as to what is PIPEDA and what is the jist of it. Below is a good article reproduced from which should help. PIPEDA stands for The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. It is a Canadian law that was formulated to protect privacy of internet users. It helps in controlling online
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