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Tips for a better You (or Effective Page Status Updates)

Don’t focus on fancy apps; focus on creative status updates. The newsfeed is the goldmine. Only 10% of fan interactions happen on the actual page Wall, while a whopping 90% occur in the newsfeed. What makes an effective status update? Here are some essential elements: Keep updates short & sweet. Ideally no more than two sentences or people won’t read
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Keeping within the Platform’s Guidelines.

All major social platforms have their own usage guidelines. The following is some themes that emerge on the major social platforms.  Of course it is always due diligence to read the actual guidelines on each platform’s website. Facebook: Twitter: Brand Guidelines: – Twitter: Offers “Verified Account” badges for accounts and “Promoted” badges for accounts, tweets and trends. These
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Generation X

History is what you make it, or in this case record.

Timeline – Facebook’s new way of showcasing yourself to others in your profile – will be launching officially on December 27th. Of course you can get it early or learn about it at beforehand. So with the release of timeline, I found myself not in the group that the media seems concerned about. “Your past is only a click
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Optimization of Facebook Pages for Search Engines

Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include pay per click advertising. Unlike a website, we do not have full control over the optimization for search engine ranking on Facebook, however there is some things
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Cowtown Police Give Lesson in #Tweetstorming.

“Don’t tweet checkstop locations, police ask. Calgary police are asking people not to use social media to alert others to checkstops.” So starts a story on from Calgary. While I admit that there is nothing wrong per-se with the force in Cowtown asking this, what I do see amiss is that there warning that “… the information becomes outdated
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Entry Workforce and the Web

Cisco recently released a report and asks “Is the Internet a fundamental human necessity? Is a workplace with flexible mobility policies as valuable as salary?” The study reveals that one of those ready to enter, or already in an entry level position, consider the Internet to be as important as air, water, food, and shelter. Their desire to use social
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What CMS will be in my Stocking this Year?

This is my first foray into using Word Press. I must say I am quite impressed so far. What problems I did have were due to my hosting with being on an older server package – and they were able to help me figure out it was mostly a permissions issue. A helpful and responsive host provider is essential
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Rewarding your Fans (of the Week)

I recently read about a new Facebook app that allows you to automatically post a fan of the week based on the interaction of fans on your Facebook page. To me it causes two concerns. Is the fan of the week the one who makes the most likes, comments, wall posts? Or is it one who gives the most value
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