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Twitter Bird on Laptop Feature Image.

Retweet Me Please.

So now that you set up a twitter account, do you know what to do? When to do it? Why you are doing it when and how you are doing it? Follow Follow those who follow you. There is a magic threshold of where you follow more than follow you that will have you marked as a spam account. You
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Consumers are Social Buyers

Market Research Gets Social [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is well known that marketing in the traditional sense of the word is on a stormy ocean these days thanks in part to social media. Over 90% trust peer recommendations and 70% trust opinions of other buyers. That can only mean that marketers will be looking ot include the social quotient into their research when reviewing a brand or
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Canada tries to pull a Fast-one with a SOPA of it’s own (Bill C-11)

Like Your PVR? Like your right to copy CDs or DVDs you bought for your own use? Right now that is all legal and prudent in Canada. Well folks PM Harper is saying NO – he wants to make that illegal. The Tories are screwing us by making sure that we can no longer tape, record, copy or otherwise enjoy
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Facebook Changes Photo and Comments Display

Again without warning, Facebook changed. This time for the better. Photos and comments are now side by side this morning. With larger monitors it makes sense and I like the non scrolling deal.


Google Trims Policy Number from 60 to 1

  Here is a letter I received from Google announcing a change in policy. Some privacy advocates are concerned about the change. No word yet as to how it conforms (or doesn’t conform) to the PIPEDAct here in Canada. This may be the integration I was predicting earlier. I am seeing this just as Facebook knows my preferences and delivers
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Google Places 2012

Google has a Place of Opportunity with Google+. When Will they Take it?

I did some lateral thinking about how the implementation of a social platform for Google+ can have some pretty far reaching impacts on the Google location services Earth. Here is what I was thinking. In the fall, Google announced that service reached 1 billion downloads of the Google Earth desktop client, the Google Earth browser plug-in and the Google Earth
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Millenials and Facebook.

An interesting rant from a young Australian about Friending on Facebook. Worth a watch for those who are targeting this demographic and get a bit of insight into the first digital kids as they enter their 20s.

Dog in the Tub

Separating your Circles of Friends

These days it would not be a surprise to anyone if you have more than two or three accounts on a social network. Now the juggle comes in how to manage those different networks and how to keep grandma and your new beau separated. For Facebook, it is a little more of a pain as you have to subscribe the
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Hidden Identity

Thinking of Creating a Fake Google+ Account?

With the power of it’s search engine behind it, Google is making it harder to cheat about who you actually are – well in terms of your name anyway – on their new social platform Google+. This is an effort on part to stem the tide of spam accounts. Google’s user terms of service requires you to use your proper
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