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Facebook Pages Timeline Migration Guide

On March 30, 2012 all Facebook pages will automatically get the new timeline design. Don’t Panic. There is time. First off, if you are having a good return on your page investment, carry on as usual. The addition of the timeline gives a few new items, takes some others away, but in general pulls together a lot of changes in
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Facebook Leaving Google+ in the Dust with Minutes Spent

Canada is #5 in terms of countries on Google+, but still the penetration is 2.46% of the population. A far cry behind Facebook. Now numbers are showing that overall, the largest type of users of the network is students – hovering around 20%. So does it still make sense to look at Google+ to help grow your brand? comScore is
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Q & A: How will the country’s copyright laws affect Canadians?

This article first appeared in Global News : Global Edmonton TORONTO – On Jan. 19, Canadians watched in awe as key players in the digital world – Wikipedia, Wired, WordPress and Mozilla to name a few – orchestrated what has been dubbed the “largest protest in history.” The tech companies teamed up in an effort to raise awareness about two
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Don Draper’s Social Media Blitz

Trying to convince their clients that “everything ages fast,” Brazilian ad agency Moma mocked up some hilarious vintage 1960s-style ads for Facebook, YouTube, and Skype. (Including charmingly broken Brazilian English.) The ads are currently being published in Meio & Mensagem, a Brazilian newspaper. – Gawker Funny thing is, where is the Google+? Maybe it’s not so prevelant in Brazil as
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Addiction to the Web – Really? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Opinion pollster SodaHead surveyed 602 visitors to its site Feb. 16. about whether they experience Internet addiction, and found that many people are self-diagnosed addicts. Key word here – SELF diagnosis. Do most know what addiction is? Is being addicted to being online real? I watched a rerun of Third Rock from the Sun the other day where Dick discovered
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Taking a Look at Facebook Events

By starting an event, you’re positioning yourself as a leader and an expert, which is great for your personal brand. You can use it to promote almost anything; it only needs to be something related to a specific date and a location. It doesn’t have to be a traditional event though. You can use it to promote a product launch,
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Big Brother

A Response to Toews’ Bill C-30 by Rick Mercer

The state has no business in the hard drives of the Nation. Visit to oppose warrantless online spying (Bill C-30).

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Make the Most of it and Shine

Everyone should have a Facebook branding strategy and it should be based not only on the audience you’re targeting, but your overall life goals. Depending on who you are, where you are in your career, what you’re passionate about and an expert in, you’ll want to brand yourself differently. If you haven’t signed up for Facebook, then you have a
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UK vs. US on Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

The following graphic released by shows some differences between U.S. and UK Pinterest users.  American users tend to be slightly more towards the X generation women, while UK are more Millennias and male, however the big news is the use of the social curating site. The US is more about what the media talks of – home decor and
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