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Corporate Social Media Policy

Social media is in it’s best form social. That of course means it leans heavily on the individual. As such social media guidelines should be used as a guide and not a policy. This will allow people to participate in social media in a smart way by being educated rather than being told what they can or can not do.
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Facebook Profile Friend Display Changes

  I see that again an unexpected suprise on Facebook. The display of your friends changed today. Not too keen on the layout..preferred the small thumbs as it took less real estate. The name overlay is horrid.


Facebook by the Numbers

  I updated this with the new membership number of 901M.    

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How ‘Authorities’ Will Track You with C-30 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Earth to Social Times: Pinterest is Not in Decline

  Social Times ran an article Pinterest’s Facebook App Is Losing Users – What Happened? today. The article says: The number of daily average users (DAU) had peaked at 1.3 million on April 18, which is also the day that Pinterest released an improved version of its iOS app. But the numbers dropped dramatically on April 20 after Pinterest tightened
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Higher Expenses Lead to Lower Revenue in Spite of 901M Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

Because of increased expenses, Facebook has posted lower growth in this past quarter compared to 2011. Considering some of the big purchases such as Instagram and others, this should just be a dip in the otherwise healthy road as Facebook steams towards a Billion by early to mid autumn this year.    

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Nova Scotia MLA Asks for Action on Employers Demanding Passwords

A private members bill from opposition Liberal MLA, Andrew Younger, is being considered by the Nova Scotia provincial government. The bill would make it illegal for employers to ask from current or prospective employees for their social media passwords. The bill was tabled on April 23, 2012 as a way to help alleviate privacy concerns on this matter. Much ado
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Social Networking Sites Face New Challenges

A report from CBC’s Information Morning’s Jesse Hirsh looks at some of the growing pains that sites are facing. [Listen @ CBC ]

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Changes? What Changes? Facebook Changed Ad Sizes

    Marketplace ads, until March 31, had a 110×80-pixel image and 135 characters of copy. This is now changed to  a 99×72-pixel image and 90 characters of body copy.  According to Inside Facebook, Even though existing documentation on Facebook still refers to the 110×80 dimensions, the site seems to have already begun resizing images to 99×72 automatically. The company
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Simple Things Make Webmail Nice

Not much in this post other than FINALLY – an option in a webmail application – word up Thunderbird and Outlook – to take care of multiple signature postings.   Multiple signatures come with multiple small images which in today’s world means money if your recipient is on a crappy data plan. I am sure this is not the only
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