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Mobile Metrics and Social Misreporting

A new white paper by Third Door Media and distributed by Adobe’s Digital Marketing has looked into the relationship of social media and mobile. When you are on your mobile, accessing an app is not the same experience as on the desktop. The newsfeed is different, pages are not as present and of course there is no advertising. For now. According
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Facebook Brand Fans are Brand Advocates

I think you would agree that Facebook Fans of brand pages are strong advocates, or ones who help you spread your message. Now a new study by Forrester Research confirms that. Brand engagement is a driver of loyalty and purchase for companies, and Facebook is a great channel for advocates to share brand experiences with others. Facebook therefore should be
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Take Advantage of your Page App Icons

  Much ado about the Timeline and integrating the profile image to work with the cover photo has been made. But what about your app icons? Each app you make can have it’s own thumbnail image and associated small icon. While you cannot move where the Photos are, you can manage the page so that the last image up is
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AdChoices – Control Yourself Sir.

  No doubt you have seen the recent development with advertising – allowing you to determine if ads will continue to be shown to you or not. I don’t mean all ads, just those who are participating in this program. The value to this for the viewer is the minimizing of ads that they don’t want due to non interest
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See all the people you care about: Close Friends

  Another development in Facebook is the ability to star those who are close to you to ensure you get all of their posts. This is another step for Facebook to give you tighter integration with your friends of relevance and also to strengthen what Facebook knows about you. The more data that Facebook is able to have on you,
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Where do QR Codes Perform Best?

Over 14.2 million smartphone users scanned a QR/Bar code, reaching 14.5 percent of the smartphone audience in EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK) during the three month average ending March 2012. More than half of the smartphone audience that scanned a QR/bar code did so from a printed magazine or newspaper (50.9 percent), making it the most popular source.
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July 5 Breaking Changes on Facebook

Have you noticed in the advanced section of your Facebook apps that there is a couple of radio buttons under “migrations” for ‘Breaking Changes’? Below is the information that you should be aware of with regard to July. The August 2012 are not so critical if you enact the July changes. You best do that now – time is a
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Channel Your Inner Moog

Google has created another great doodle. Today it is in honour of Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday, father of the synthesiser and by default some very bad music in the 1980s. In the mid-1960s, Dr. Robert Moog unleashed a new universe of sounds into musicdom with his invention of the electronic analog Moog Synthesizer. The timbre and tones of these keyboard instruments
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IATSE Targets Independant Video Production Houses in Halifax. Why?

Video production is a big part of a successful social marketing campaign. As such, often the nimble and creative services of small local production houses are used. This is why I was a bit concerned as I listened to my usual morning show on the radio during breakfast today. A story surfaced on CBC this morning about how the large
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Why is Facebook’s Valuation so High?

As we get closer to the IPO for Facebook, many are wondering if the valuation is too high. Indeed with a lot of people seeing this as a must have stock, it may be pushed high, however lets look at the numbers. In six short years, the company has come to amass almost 1,000,000,000 users. I think it is important
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