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facebook voice

Commenting or Posting as Yourself and Not as the Page Admin

  Trying to comment on a page, not as the page admin, but as yourself? Another change, again with no warning is the Voice option. This is however a great thing. While available before, it was not as clear and actually was a bit faulty so I never bothered. Besides, in some of the pages I admin, the members know
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feature summer of learning

Summer of Learning

A free resource for you coders out there will be available on July 23rd from Aquent and Vitamin Talent. It’s always exciting to learn new things, and summer is the perfect time for working professionals to do so. Things are a bit slower, and with Aquent/Vitamin T’s Summer of Learning, you can hone your skills at your leisure. That’s right.
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The Power of Like 2: How Social Marketing Works

comScore and Facebook release a paper on measuring the true impact of social media on brands and explores ROI in thier lastest research: The Power of Like 2: How Social Marketing Works The Power of Like 2: How Social Marketing Works is the second research report in a series examining the ways in which brands can quantify the paid and
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facebook security

Facebook Security NFO

With the recent news about passwords being stolen from LinkedIn and Yelp, it never is a bad time to review your privacy concerns and reviewing security. Facebook has a great section on this and we have provided you the links below for more information. Time to update that password from Monkey to something a bit more secure eh? Report a
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features brackets

Adobe Brackets

Brackets is officially launching today, but I have clearance from Adobe to feel free to start talking about it now. Brackets is an open source code editor for the web from Adobe. It is a web platform technology that is pushing tools for developers and was built using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. So, what makes Brackets different from other web
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feature nl kp

Segmenting the Social Within Us [INFOGRAPHIC]

  I always likened twitter to a formal get together in your living room with your financial advisor and Facebook to the kitchen. I would add that for LinkedIn, think of it as a long running self made marketing plan for your future employer to peruse. As for Google+? Come on, do you ever check that account? Expert finder resource
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feature piktochart

Piktochart Gets in on the Infographic Biz

  No doubt you have all seen the latest communication craze of infographics. Taking a complex set of ideas and data and distilling it into a presentation has always been a challenge. One screen at a time was the limit of PowerPoint. With an infographic, you throw that aside and scroll for information, or print it to the wall (a
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feature the flash

You Will Get What You Pay For. Shit.

I came across an ad on Kijiji from the local health authority that was basically asking for free work entitled “Seeking volunteer with Adobe Flash experience to build animation” The ad claimed that “There should be no advanced programming or animation required.” The problem was, was that the work asked for was to be built in Flash and would be
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feature freespeech

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Threatens Independant Websites

  The following is important enough that I am reposting part of the article Signing the TPP agreement will lock down our Internet and shackle our democracy. What should we do? from Click through to read the full article and to support individual rights online. Yesterday, the government put Canada’s digital future at risk by signing on to the
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feature tony hawk

Time Spent on YouTube [Video]

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk shows in a great visual way that only he can how time spent on YouTube increased 88% in 2011 v. 2010.