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comscore data olympics

The Data Olympics

  Here is an opportunity you should take advantage of. Data mining and sifter comScore is providing free data snacks around the Games, to keep the industry up-to-date. Check back every day for an updated graphic showing global online and mobile behavioural patterns and how these might be affected by one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Click
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feature lego printer

Bricking up a page

When you create cool stuff, it just has to go viral. With over 4.5 million views and counting, this is a great example of technology garnering our interest and hence reach as we post, share and tweet about cool stuff like this. I think it’s time to get out the old Lego bricks and dig into my tech drawer. Thanks
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feature GM

“Sounds like it was GM that screwed up, not Facebook”

This video featuring Jeff Greenspoon from Spoke talks to the Globe and Mail about the 180 from GM to look at advertising on Facebook. Earlier this year, car giant GM said that they saw no value in ads on Facebook and pulled it’s campaign. Seems that they woke up. Or someone pulled their head from the sand.

feature shopping cart

Social Media Advertising – Old School

Someone asked me today about ambient media. Looking it up on wikipedia, I got to thinking. Is this a way to advertising in the physical world in a social way? After all is not the grocery store just another social space? And if so then is not advertising on your shopping cart then a form of social media? Hmmm. Penny
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feature twitaholic

So Who is in Your Neck of the Woods on Twitter?

  Ever wonder how you stack up against other tweeters in your city? Twitaholic allows you to do just that. A rather simple tool that can rank by number of followers is great, but remember that a large number of followers does not alone make success on twitter. Other things such as mentions, retweet and reach are more important. If
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feature pins

Pinterest: Pinning Our Lives

I came across the following presentation entitled Pinning Our Lives: Pinterest and Beyond created by Aliza Sherman, on SlideShare. This being the midst of summer and me being a lazy bones, thought I would simply share this today for the post. Enjoy.

feature parkingdouche

Parking the Parking Douche

Russia has a real problem with parking. I mean a major one. One where douche’s park where they want. Using an app called Parking Douche (not sure about how this is English vs. Russian), you can take a photo of the car and publicly humiliate those who park with no concern for others. Another great example of how social media
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feature exit highway

Politicians Need to Smarten Up on Social Media. Please.

It must be the weather, but this week has been orientated towards politics. Maybe it’s because so many politicians make errors on social media. Sure we all do, but when you are in the public eye and supposed to represent the public in terms of policy, tread carefully. This time round, in response to Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford who wants
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feature macka

Peter MacKay #SleptThroughHistoryClass

Peter MacKay slept through history class. He must have. His information about the French and the War of 1812 is shameful and for being the National Minister of Defense it is utterly nexcusable. Last week during a speech at the French Embassy in Ottawa, the Defence Minister suggested the French supported the British during the War of 1812. MacKay’s office
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feature rogers ad

Old Format. New Medium.

Remember those old books as kids that you read a bit then had a decision to make? The following is an ad that in someways is not new. I seen this before but in this case it work. I am not sure why, whether it is the ‘backstage’ or under the radar emotive that comes forth. In any case, I
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