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Gotta be me

Good Bye Cruel World. Not.

You know how at the 30th or 31st of each month you flip the page in your calendar? Well that is what the Mayan calendar is about. The calendar ends today. Turn it over and it starts again. So man up princes and princesses. It aint over and I see no fat lady in sight.   by dalefj89. Browse more
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The Sad Off with Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway

The Sad Off with Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway

A great holiday related #sadoff from Funny or Die making it’s rounds on social media today. Enjoy. The Sad Off with Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway from Samuel L Jackson

Instagram uses a stylized version of the Brownie in it's app icon. Maybe the two circles in Flickr's logo were inspired by the Brownie as well.

Settle Down: Instagram Not to Use User Photos in Ads

  SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Instagram, the popular mobile photo-sharing service now owned by Facebook, said Tuesday that it will remove language from its new terms of service suggesting that users’ photos could appear in advertisements. The language in question had appeared in updated policies announced Monday and scheduled to take effect Jan. 16. After an outcry on social media
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#spreadthecheer – UK Tweets Disagree

One would have thought that Starbucks would have learnt from the #McDStories debacle. This time the #spreadthecheer campaign backfired as people protested the tax dodging techniques of Starbucks in the UK where the company rigged expenses to offshore monies so they paid an astonishing 0.17 % in taxes. Apparently the company had a display at Natural History Museum in London with
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YouTube Rewind 2012

This year, YouTube looked at views, shares, searches, parodies, remixes, and responses to identify the 10 videos that everybody was talking about in 2012.


“Attrition is Our Weapon”

  Anonymous is targeting the Westboro Baptist Church. The new way of fighting evil in the digital realm. Westboro Baptist Church announced plan to protest funerals in Newtown, site of the deadly shooting last week. “After church leaders announce plans to protest at site of school massacre, Anonymous posts the personal information for dozens of members of the extremist group,
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Sometimes the Best Response is None

  Facebook is a place where you will have friends of many different political and religious and cultural stripes. If you choose to have a lot of friends, or few, no doubt you will encounter some who will espouse their views about subjects that are polarizing for you. A friend of mine posted this and thought it the best way
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Word Frequency with Popular Science

Popular Science teamed up with Google to index and archive all of their past issues back to 1872 – all 1523 issues. Because of this and the ability to search for scanned words in Google Books, you can now search for words in the magazine. Popular Science went a step further. They created a tool with Pitch Interactive to search
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Hubspot: The 2013 Design Guide to Email Marketing [Infographic]

From Hubspot comes some unsurprising, but now substantiated info on rich email: Any experienced email marketer knows that crafting the perfect marketing email is somewhat of an art form. Not only do you have to nail copywriting, messaging, personalization, and proper segmentation and targeting — but you also have to worry about how that email actually looks. On both desktops
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Spreading Your Message with YouTube

Having reached a point where her business and personal life is in disarray because of business dealings with Loblaws, Amanda House took to YouTube to appeal directly to company president Galen Weston about past dealings and failures about her company YoPro and Loblaws. I first saw this when a friend on Facebook posted this. His comments ring true with regard
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