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Music and the Shore #facebookfail

In somewhat the same vein as an article earlier this week, here I want to make a few points about how Facebook is pushing more the ‘pages I might like”. Today I was recommended a page to like. That is the page you see above. After I liked the page, up came the recommendations of other pages. Now this particular
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Like and Comment this Post

It’s far easier to like a post than comment is it not? Think about a friend posting a picture. How often do you comment as opposed to simply liking it to let them know you appreciate the post. Now think about posting as a Facebook page admin. When you post something you are more often to get a like than
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Page You Might Like

A Page You Might Like

Facebook has taken the whole suggested like to the next level this week with interruptions in the news feed page with pages that your friends like. There seems to be as yet no real reason as to how or why the pages are suggested other than a random sample of pages liked by friends and paid for promotion. Not sure
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firefox code inspector

Digging into some CSS. How’s that work again?

An interesting thing happened on – a design and Pinterest leaning site. When a certain sideboard caught my eye I wanted to Pin it. I saw this come up in a pop out window: I wanted to not bother with the sales message. What then showed after an image refresh, but not a browser refresh was this: The code
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The State of B2B Content Marketing in North America [INFOGRAPHIC]

  MarketingProfs partnered with the Content Marketing Institute have made available a report entitled:  The State of B2B Content Marketing in North America. How effective are you as a business at creating engaging content. Content that can be used for marketing? Apparently most B2B marketers are spending more and using social platforms more, but they are not using content in
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Pearltrees. Social Worthy? Nah.

Pearltrees allows you to bookmark sites just like StumbleUpon. It mixes that function with the pinning and organizing approach of Pinterest. You can post notes and photos as well as the URLs, which are referred to as ‘pearls’. The folders you put them in and organize heirachically are called ‘pearltrees. You can then engage in an open curation of the
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This USB Wallplug is a Household Peacemaker

ThinkGeek has an handy addition for my kitchen counter area. A wall plug with two USB conversion outlets for recharging devices. By including two USB ports in the wall plate next to the regular sockets I now do not have to keep unplugging the toaster and the coffee maker just to get my phone recharges with the adapter. Also gone
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A New Look on an Old Media Format

The New York Public Library Labs  has developed an interesting tool for transforming historical stereographs from The New York Public Library and other participating organizations into shareable 3D web formats called the Stereogranimator. The site posts stereographs which you can then choose from (pick one at random or search by a keyword). Its best to choose one that will give
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Why Protect your Code?

Part of the web is the ability share and understand how pages are built. Sometimes a developer will try to protect the code. Right clicking on the browser window pane gives you a message similar to the following.           So does this really stop someone from wanting to read the page source code to understand how
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Neato Entertainment Needs You. And You Need It.

Neato Entertainment is a Halifax based company television production aficionado  Michael-Andreas Kuttner, otherwise known in the fair city as M-A. Kuttner is a self described “Recovering TV producer. Interface designer, digital media strategist and these days, maker of Interactive TV.” Neato is in an alpha mode (my description) of a product which will be available for free for initially Android
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