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Viral Defence Against Defence of Marriage Act

The following article outtakes from Leanne Italie of The Associated Press. While some may still be in the dark as to what the  red and pink equal sign is, the article covers that aspect, however it is a bit trite in a sense that it questions the power of social media and sees people using this as a social moniker
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Social Timing Insights [Infographic]

When to post, tweet, speak, shout. This infographic from Argyle Social gives some idea as to the whowhatwherewhatwhenwha?


Matching Up Profile and Cover Photos in Facebook

I have been seeing a lot of mismatched cover and profile photos on pages where they owner wants the two images to integrate and wanted to review this as it has been some time since I have done that in an article called Facebook Image Measurements. Lets start with a template. You can achieve this by doing a screen grab.
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Giving has It’s Own Rewards

By showing that your organization is a community caring one through donations to worthy causes, it is not only acceptable, but of excellent benefit of the donation program to encourage the amount that is given to charity based on page likes. Page likes over time will tailor off as people like the page to raise the monetary bar, and may
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Dove and Olgivy: Trojan Backfire

The Dove beauty brand is well known for pushing the envelope to show people as people and not models.  This time they went too far though. They created what amounts to a Trojan and possibly illegal file in the form of a Photoshop actions file. Once downloaded the user expected it to create a glow effect but instead it reverted
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Kodachroming Maps with Twitter and the ISS

As a Canadian Astronaut and current Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield has taken hundreds of images from space and tweeted them. To Dave MacLean of the Nova Scotia Community College in Lawrencetown, N.S., the images were more than just a cool perspective from the International Space Station. MacLean teaches a class on advanced geographic sciences (geographic information
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Millenium Fish, not Falcon

Falcons may like fish, but in this case my lunch included a Millenium Fish, not Falcon. Or maybe it was just the toy that came with my order from the Red Stag Tavern. Anyway thought it funny enough to archive and share with everyone. Update: I just had to share this below as it was too was also too funny.  

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Exploring the Neighbourhood. One Ass at a Time.

A viral funny that hits home is running around with local circles on social media. This is the prank of a couple of young lads who had the forsight (thank god that is all of the fore) to moon the Google streeet view car. This however is interesting in more than some youthful prankness. View Larger Map When you use
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Looking for a Little Third Party Like

The following story from the Metro chronicles the efforts that Ford has taken with regards to social media. I find it not only interesting, but a story that continues to change and evolve as social media becomes more of our lives. Facebook is bringing brands closer to the consumer and letting the consumer take the controls with it comes to
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International Women’s Day – How Women Surf the Web

Comscore releases a chart in honour of International Women’s Day which looks at how women spend time on the web and found that Canada is ranked second just behind the US and very close statistically to the UK. The data is based on information from January 2013.  Perhaps it is a factor of mobile, but one would expect Asian and
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