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I really don’t mind sharing how I feel. It is incumbent on the post on Facebook, the email emoticons and the in person conversations I have. If I want to tell you I am just shitting on you – you know it. It’s in my demeanor or an email signed with a :P. What I am not happy with is
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Major Tom: Thanks for the Web

I am sure many of you have heard of this, but have you seen this? I don’t think that when the space station was built that we thought that this sort of thing would happen. Watching Commander Chris Hadfield performs a reworking of the David Bowie classic Space Oddity on his last day in charge of the International Space Station,
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Apple Support: Sigh – Another Sears Situ

The following is a post from a friend of mine in Florida. It is with regard to the iPhone 5. As I have just recently bought a new 4s and declined signing up with my provider, and did not follow up in the following 30 days with Apple for the extended warranty, this might be of note to those of
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Canada Senator Mike Duffy Cannot Hide from Social Media

If you are not from Canada, then excuse the following post – unless you want to see a leading G8 country not descend into non democratic principles. Some might say that we have already done this because of the scandal involving many senate members. Our Senate is not elected, but appointed. We like to think that they are folks who
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2006 Bites Abercrombie & Fitch on the Skinny Jean Ass

You might have noticed a bit of a gap in the posts in the past few weeks as I took a break from writing to concentrate on some other urgent projects. Now back, let’s dig into something I heard about a few days ago. Since I don’t shop at the store, I was not aware that the retailer Abercrombie &
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