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Blog Update on Frequency

Hi folks. I am experiencing some server issues that have left me unable to post images. Most of what I want to post is related to an image. As such I have not been able to post the last few weeks. I hope to have this sorted soon but am somewhat hostage to my service provider. In the intern, I
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Hey Television. Why the Interupt?

I am sure that you are like me that you have a set amount or number of programs that you enjoy and watch live or from a record on television. I am constantly annoyed how after every commercial break that they recap the story til then. When at the 45 or 55 minute mark it is almost unbearable to have
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The Up and the Down of 1863

Since leaving the agency I was at I am now online in a mobile form. This meaning that I am roaming the house with my laptop and not really tied to any one place. Sure I have an office, but that is more or less a bunker and one at this time of year I choose not to be in.
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Commercial Listings on Kijiji

  Having been asked a question about online property listings, I did a bit of research. Kijiji is becoming a place to list property for sale. Speaking specifically about commercial property, the trick is that the property listings are like other items, they are segmented by geography. So how do you target prospective buyers outside of your community to get
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feature don draper

Falling Behind. Draper Style.

I’m a big fan of the AMC series Mad Men. One thing that I draws me to it is the setting. The details and fashion are very well researched. If you have watched the entire series to date, you will notice changes to the set design and the characters fashion. Subtle yet very specific changes that reflected the changes over
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