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bacon rules

Infographics – Easy Peasy

Besides digital media I have another passion – bacon. So as a kind of light hearted post for the end of a hot month, I thought I might give you a digital bacon break. Enjoy.

Twitter Widgets

So want to embeded your twitter feed on your website? It’s simple. Go to You will then be asked to make a new one. You can set it up like I have:   The code is very easy to implement: Just copy and paste. You can take my feed and test if you wish (See also the @textureweb page
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timeline work 1

Integrate Work History on Your Facebook Timeline

When someone adds a place of employment or job to their history on Facebook, they can also tag others such as you if you have worked with them. The first indication of this will be a notice such as the following: You might want to look at setting controls so that you are not automatically added as the following graphic
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feature web lit

Mozilla Web Literacy Standard Release

Today, the Mozilla Foundation unveilled a beta version of its Web Literacy Standard and also the Request For Comments (RFC): milestone release of standard. The Standard is a list of skills and competencies they believe are important for anyone who wants to read, write and interact with others on the web. For me this is great. Having a long history
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YouTube Channel Art – Bigger Than You Think

The following is what I found on YouTube and wanted to share it with you here. The channel art on YouTube is not just a small image, but one that you should look at exploring a bit further if you are using your channel for professional reasons. I thought I might post it in it’s entirety for educational reasons in
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feature fridge magnet

Family Font

Something different today. This is a font that I made from WWI records of enlistements from my father’s (Yeadon) and mother’s (grandmother was Barnhill) families. I used both as some of the letters would not work or were illegible. I made this font 10 years ago and still use it from time to time. Here is the TTF format in
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feature linkedin endorse

Endorsement Entaglement

Being in search mode for a work has shown me some interesting trends that perhaps I might have not otherwise have picked up on. Lately I have been tweaking my LinkedIn profile which I have had for 10 years but really have not needed to change other than some updates. The activity has led to others in my network seeing
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Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 3.03.29 PM

Gardener of the Digital Garden

Digital Marketing encapsulates many forms of marketing that I believe belong really under one moniker. Social media, paid search, display and Facebook advertising, reach and analysis, content development (non-article based), peer review research and industry related blogging all work to further the goal of awareness of an organization. As marketing is about awareness, the aspect of digital marketing encapsulates creating
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feature bender fry

Test Your Robot

A little bit of tech talk today. Embracing the digital end of the spectrum of this blog, rather than the behavioral aspect. Did you know about the Google robots.txt tester? This tool determines is the server robots.txt file is accidentally blocking Googlebot from crawling the site, or alternatively that it is crawling files you don’t want being crawled. Googlebot is
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bond in car

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Today I had the TV on while doing work at the home office. Tomorrow Never Dies which is a Bond film from back in 1997 was on. One thing that caught my eye was the Ericsson JB988 phone. Bond could control a BMW 750 amounst other things by opening it up sideways to reveal a touch pad. While the screen
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