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Paint What Matters – Halifax

paintwhatmattersBenjamin Moore has a contest that asks you to vote for the place that matters to you so that they can provide the paint to “Paint What Matters“. This is in partnership with Brad Pitt and his organization makeitright.org.

Here in Halifax, our own mayor got into the act. Mayor Mike Savage does a great job at helping to promote the city for the title. As a side point, when one googles  “paint what matters” the YouTube video below comes up in the top five. Now that is smart marketing. BTW if you want to vote twice, vote on the dot com and the dot ca versions which seem to allow you to vote twice in a day.

Vote early and vote often!

Update: July 7: Halifax was the winner in Canada. Now lets see the usual infighting as to what street. Um since its for Halifax, then it should be in the old city proper.