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Twitter Cover Photo Template

I have had a hard time trying to get branding and information in the twitter cover photo, but eventually came up with my own template. I think this pretty much works – it did for me – on all sizing on the social platform. Not that many come to your profile page when engaging with you, but if they do, you best have a profile that is current.

A good review for reviewing your profile page is from Simply Measured: How to Prepare Your Profile for Twitter’s Redesign.

The new look is definitely more visual, causing quite a stir amongst Facebook fanatics. These Facebook fans aren’t wrong — Twitter’s going photo-friendly and we can’t say that we’re surprised. 

Here is the jpg of the template. Note that the size is no longer 1200 x 600 and has a safe area required.


The profile pic (the square one) should be 400×400 pixels like this one from Microsoft: It will work best if you use something from your logo rather than a full logo name as it will appear small in many places.