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Someone to Admire for Work Ethics. Not.

kenney_jason_tweetLast week the Huffington post reported that the Canadian Employment Minister, Jason Kenney was utilizing his staff to create disparaging graphics for him to tweet. Though this is an obviously childish act by someone in high office that needs to grow up, the main issue is the precedent set here.

No not the silly immature bully tactics, but the statement defending them. By the Employment Minister no less.

See if one is the head of the department of employment for a country, one would think that actions would set precedence. The Huff reported that the “Liberals say Kenney spent 20 per cent of his time on Twitter over the past week, Oct. 2 to Oct. 8, tweeting and retweeting comments about Trudeau.”

See if one is going to shag off work and spend this abhorant amount of wasted time of taxpayers money it is one thing, but to be the person who one seemingly should be looked upon for a gold standard of employment practices – well it is a betrayal to the whole professional work ethic is is not?

The response from the Minister’s handler stated that the “Minister’s Twitter account is a personal Twitter account.”

That might be so. But lets put this in a different light. If this was a CEO of a widget factory spending 20% of his or her day on Twitter in any given week; tweeting about how much they think the CEO of the button factory is what do you think? Right. I thought so. Call HR, get that idiot removed and fired. The workplace has not room for those who use twitter for bully tactics on company (or tax dollars) time.

Regardless if the twitter account is managed, personal, public or owned by a idiot.

No wonder youth have no respect for politicians.


Footnote: A ‘personal’ account for Kenney of  @kenneyjason lists him as MP for Calgary SE; Minister of Employment, Social Development & Multiculturalism / Député; Ministre de l’Emploi, du Développement social & du Multiculturalisme, which hardly sounds personal.