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Who killed Professor Photoheim?

Adobe Photoshop came up with a great interactive way to engage fans of the product by releasing whodunnit mystery. Over the course of the week prior to Halloween, anyone can download a PSD file that gives clues as to who the culprit is.
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Of course if you can only utilize the file if you have the Photoshop tool to solve it. Sure others are posting thier thoughts, but there is no real fun in that.

One of the best uses of interaction I have seen yet. Get the fans out of the browser and into the actual product that you are promoting in a fun and engaging way. This is a campaign that really could not be done with anyother product. Certainly not with anything non digital.

So. Who do you think dunnit? I am looking at a shadow on layer five which to me indicates its just not there for effect. The killer might be right around the corner!




Buuut Then again….