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Expanding the textureweb Universe

  I have a lot of things that I would like to comment and blog about, but sometimes it is just not worthy of  an article. Hence I have launched a Facebook page where I will post those items rather then keep them as a link in my desktop where they inevitably get sent to the trash. I also want
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Digging into some CSS. How’s that work again?

An interesting thing happened on – a design and Pinterest leaning site. When a certain sideboard caught my eye I wanted to Pin it. I saw this come up in a pop out window: I wanted to not bother with the sales message. What then showed after an image refresh, but not a browser refresh was this: The code
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Pearltrees. Social Worthy? Nah.

Pearltrees allows you to bookmark sites just like StumbleUpon. It mixes that function with the pinning and organizing approach of Pinterest. You can post notes and photos as well as the URLs, which are referred to as ‘pearls’. The folders you put them in and organize heirachically are called ‘pearltrees. You can then engage in an open curation of the
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PinPointing with Zappos

I don’t think I need to see the numbers to show me that Pinterest is most popular with women who focus on design and fashion. Zappos, Amazon owned eclothier, has launched a new service callled PinPointing. Basically they segment the service in two ways. You can look at the Pinterest users pins, or enter a username such as yourself. Either
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Article: 9 Businesses Using Pinterest Contests to Drive Traffic and Exposure

  Are you using Pinterest to market your business? Running contests on Pinterest is a great way to expose your brand to a large audience, attract new followers and engage with your existing follower base. Here is why you should run a contest on Pinterest: Pinterest is the third most popular social network in the U.S. in terms of traffic. Pinterest
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Pinterest: Pinning Our Lives

I came across the following presentation entitled Pinning Our Lives: Pinterest and Beyond created by Aliza Sherman, on SlideShare. This being the midst of summer and me being a lazy bones, thought I would simply share this today for the post. Enjoy.

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Mobile Metrics and Social Misreporting

A new white paper by Third Door Media and distributed by Adobe’s Digital Marketing has looked into the relationship of social media and mobile. When you are on your mobile, accessing an app is not the same experience as on the desktop. The newsfeed is different, pages are not as present and of course there is no advertising. For now. According
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Pinterest at 25 (months) [INFOGRAPHIC]

  The demograpic of Pinners is changing as the site garners more users. Pinterest is now 25 months old since launch. In March of this year, it  served 2.3 billion page impressions to 4 million unique visitors each day.  Tamba from the UK has produced this infographic with the latest numbers.  

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How ‘Authorities’ Will Track You with C-30 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Earth to Social Times: Pinterest is Not in Decline

  Social Times ran an article Pinterest’s Facebook App Is Losing Users – What Happened? today. The article says: The number of daily average users (DAU) had peaked at 1.3 million on April 18, which is also the day that Pinterest released an improved version of its iOS app. But the numbers dropped dramatically on April 20 after Pinterest tightened
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