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Expanding the textureweb Universe

  I have a lot of things that I would like to comment and blog about, but sometimes it is just not worthy of  an article. Hence I have launched a Facebook page where I will post those items rather then keep them as a link in my desktop where they inevitably get sent to the trash. I also want
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Mozilla Web Literacy Standard Release

Today, the Mozilla Foundation unveilled a beta version of its Web Literacy Standard and also the Request For Comments (RFC): milestone release of standard. The Standard is a list of skills and competencies they believe are important for anyone who wants to read, write and interact with others on the web. For me this is great. Having a long history
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Witness to Incident Flames the Local Social

There has been a local story that has really taken hold here in the port city. Halifax has always been a rough town. With a large number of late night drinking establishments, a large contingent of students and a local population that has a history of somewhat an affinity for the drink, this story is certainly one that resonates. Before
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posting on Youtube and google plus

Carefully Posting to YouTube

I chose this title for today’s blog entry as I had a whack of videos to post to YouTube, but noted to do so with care.  During the posting process you should remember to tie them to a category if you want to have them indexed. Also it is handy to create a playlist of the videos so that you
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Sorting with Facebook Interest Lists

A great feature on Facebook allows you to sort pages and friends by lists, similar to what you can do on twitter. 1. When you are on a Page or Friend Profile, click on Like or Liked. BTW you can also hide these streams from your newsfeed this way. Now choose Add to Interest Lists… 2. You can add a
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Facebook Offers for Pages

If you have lately noticed, there is a new addition for page managers called Facebook Offers. Here is a simple breakdown of what is entailed straight from Facebook. You may however read more if your questions are not answered here right on Facebook. Offers are only available to Pages with at least 400 likes. At this time, it’s not possible
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CSS Scale Your Website for Facebook Page App Call-in

Looking to create a page app that ties directly into your website, but your website is perhaps wider than the he maximum recommended width on a page app of 760 px? To remedy this, create a mirror of your website specifically for your Facebook app to call in. What you want to do is scale down the size of the
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facebook voice

Commenting or Posting as Yourself and Not as the Page Admin

  Trying to comment on a page, not as the page admin, but as yourself? Another change, again with no warning is the Voice option. This is however a great thing. While available before, it was not as clear and actually was a bit faulty so I never bothered. Besides, in some of the pages I admin, the members know
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Sort Your Facebook Page Admins

Managing your Facebook page also entails managing those who work on it. When you add someone, you can assign them one of five different roles, however Facebook does a poor job with letting you know what each is. You have to assign each different role to find out what each is, but of course you can’t really get a handle
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TweetReach Changes its Dashboard

  I meant to post this earlier in the month.  For those of you who use TweetReach as a way to measure your performance of your twitter feed, the metrics have changed for the better. Previously, this is what you had been given on a hash tag, account or word (not showing the most relevant recent tweets associated with the
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