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Who killed Professor Photoheim?

Adobe Photoshop came up with a great interactive way to engage fans of the product by releasing whodunnit mystery. Over the course of the week prior to Halloween, anyone can download a PSD file that gives clues as to who the culprit is. [I have tried to embed the post, but cannot with WordPress Go here for the full post.]
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Expanding the textureweb Universe

  I have a lot of things that I would like to comment and blog about, but sometimes it is just not worthy of  an article. Hence I have launched a Facebook page where I will post those items rather then keep them as a link in my desktop where they inevitably get sent to the trash. I also want
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Deserve and Demand Better

A recent ad in the paper had me a bit miffed. Looking at the ad, it appears that the child has no feet. The stereo is very obviously placed in the photo. Shadow and light are important. With the power of CS4 Photoshop even, a proper job can be done on this. Closer up you can see feet, but the
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Evoking (the Wrong) Response with Facebook Ads

Once mighty Corel evoked some response by telling folks on Facebook that they should switch from Adobe CS to its photo editing software. Thing is, it wants to target users of Photoshop, but chooses instead to target all of the CS suite. This includes web production, video production and other non photo creative tools. The power of CS is the
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Photos like this work well to create a montage with the content-aware function with Photoshop.

Merging and Flailing

The power of Photoshop is without question the most important thing that is out there these days when it comes to impressions. I know we all are a bit wary about the photos of models and how they do not really represent reality due to much photo manipulation with software. This phto manipulation has become a noun of “photoshop’. Lets
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Adobe Delivers Latest Innovations in HTML5 Web Tooling to Creative Cloud Members

Yesterday, Adobe announced the first public preview of Adobe® Edge Reflow, a new responsive design tool for Web designers and developers creating websites and content for screens of virtually all sizes. In addition, new feature updates for Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Dreamweaver® and Adobe Edge Code preview are now available. All announced product releases are available exclusively to Adobe Creative
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Autoplay Video from YouTube on Facebook

The best way to promote video on your Facebook Fan Page is to create a page app and allow the embedding of video from an online service such as YouTube. You should however make sure that the video is set to autoplay. This is done by adding ;autoplay=1 at the end of the url within the YouTube iframe code. In this
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A Look at Adobe Edge Animate

  Adobe® Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Adobe re-branded their as yet to be publicly released Edge as Edge Animate. Hmm I think that might have been to make people aware that it is an animation tool, not
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Is your website ready for cross-device holiday shoppers?

Today I am just getting back from vacation, but received this in my inbox. I thought it important enough to share with you all. Last year’s holiday shopping gave birth to “couch commerce” shoppers—people using tablets as their preferred device for shopping. Because of this, online retailers are under pressure to ensure that their web properties are optimized for all
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Adobe Brackets

Brackets is officially launching today, but I have clearance from Adobe to feel free to start talking about it now. Brackets is an open source code editor for the web from Adobe. It is a web platform technology that is pushing tools for developers and was built using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. So, what makes Brackets different from other web
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