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Who killed Professor Photoheim?

Adobe Photoshop came up with a great interactive way to engage fans of the product by releasing whodunnit mystery. Over the course of the week prior to Halloween, anyone can download a PSD file that gives clues as to who the culprit is. [I have tried to embed the post, but cannot with WordPress Go here for the full post.]
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Expanding the textureweb Universe

  I have a lot of things that I would like to comment and blog about, but sometimes it is just not worthy of  an article. Hence I have launched a Facebook page where I will post those items rather then keep them as a link in my desktop where they inevitably get sent to the trash. I also want
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Wipe Me with a Porterhouse Please.

Recently while grocery shopping I noticed a new product which might help me keep my stainless appliances up to par. Wipes, regular clothes and other solutions are a pain as anyone who bought a stainless appliance will attest to (why did they stop making black or even avacado green?). This product was from Scotch Brite. What did catch my eye
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Encouraging Signs of a Proactive Youth

On the weekend, my daughter suggested that if she got over 10,000 likes, would I quit smoking. I was not sure that she could get this number as she did not mention where she was going to post it. So thanks to the power of social connectivity, I guess I have to at least give it a try. My daughter
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Superbowl Ads by Review [INFOGRAPHIC]

This reflects a lot of what I have heard about the great effort by Tide to involve the actual teams and have a timely ad campaign, whilst GoDaddy got raked over the coals for their (IMHO) great reach out to show how looks are not everything.

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The State of B2B Content Marketing in North America [INFOGRAPHIC]

  MarketingProfs partnered with the Content Marketing Institute have made available a report entitled:  The State of B2B Content Marketing in North America. How effective are you as a business at creating engaging content. Content that can be used for marketing? Apparently most B2B marketers are spending more and using social platforms more, but they are not using content in
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Guest Commentary: Facebook Guidelines.

  A good friend of mine posted what I think has to be a response to the latest hoax which has some thinking that Facebook going public means that earlier copyright agreement are negated. CBSNews notes that ” Facebook members own the intellectual property (IP) that is uploaded to the social network, but depending on their privacy and applications settings,
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Real World Share Code

Straight from, Here is some share code. Why did I ‘share’ this with you? Look at the first link – the one for facebook. That will show you how to not only share, but prescribe the link image and the copy rather than having Facebook randomly select incomplete copy or text. Especially important if your page is all video
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Facebook Plugins to Drive More Traffic to Your Content

Do you want more of your content shared on Facebook? Are you wondering how to make it easy for people to share your site or blog content on Facebook? Which Facebook widgets are best? Facebook recently introduced the Facebook Recommendations Bar—which is different from the Facebook Recommendations Box—and the Like Button and the Like Box. But what are the differences
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Tracking your Friend Losses

Ever wondered who recently unfriended you? If you have under 100 friends on Facebook then you can probably guess. But as we start to add more people to our friend list who we may have met (if at all) only once and use our friend list as more of a network for our personal brand channel on Facebook, it is
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