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‘Look Up’ – A spoken word film for an online generation.

Some great thoughts about smart phones and dumb people. Social media is great, but like anything it should be used in moderation. This is especially important when it comes to our children. We need to ensure that our next generations are socially ept, not inept. This video by Gary Turk comments on this. There is a set number of days
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Canada Senator Mike Duffy Cannot Hide from Social Media

If you are not from Canada, then excuse the following post – unless you want to see a leading G8 country not descend into non democratic principles. Some might say that we have already done this because of the scandal involving many senate members. Our Senate is not elected, but appointed. We like to think that they are folks who
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Pirates and the Social Realm

Every September 19th, our inner pirate is able to come alive thanks to the designation of that day being International Talk Like a Pirate Day. That day is coming soon and I thought a bit about the origins of this and the spread of what was an anecdote to an international event. …the day is the only holiday to come
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Peter MacKay #SleptThroughHistoryClass

Peter MacKay slept through history class. He must have. His information about the French and the War of 1812 is shameful and for being the National Minister of Defense it is utterly nexcusable. Last week during a speech at the French Embassy in Ottawa, the Defence Minister suggested the French supported the British during the War of 1812. MacKay’s office
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TweetReach Changes its Dashboard

  I meant to post this earlier in the month.  For those of you who use TweetReach as a way to measure your performance of your twitter feed, the metrics have changed for the better. Previously, this is what you had been given on a hash tag, account or word (not showing the most relevant recent tweets associated with the
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A Lesson in Tweet Reach

Yesterday in the article Social Media Metrics I talked about the best type of metrics for tweeting. One of the things I like to do with this blog is tweet the posts to my followers. Using the simple hashtags for the relevant information of #facebook and #twitter and also mentioning the source of the original information that formulated my article
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Social Media Metrics

Analytical site Social Bakers recently gave recommendations on what metrics are important for social media monitoring. They put it forth that you should be following these: FANS – Total number of fans ENGAGEMENT RATE – The amount of people on average interacting with your content RESPONSE RATE/TIME – Response rate and time to your fans posts, very critical for reactive engagement GROWTH – Momentum
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A Tale of Two Grammys on Twitter

On Friday, February 10, 2012 Twitter announced that “This Sunday night the 54th annual GRAMMYs will air on CBS. As with so many other live events on TV, one of the best ways to experience the show is to follow the conversation on Twitter. When the show starts, use #GRAMMYs to see what the world is saying about the performances,
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Retweet Me Please.

So now that you set up a twitter account, do you know what to do? When to do it? Why you are doing it when and how you are doing it? Follow Follow those who follow you. There is a magic threshold of where you follow more than follow you that will have you marked as a spam account. You
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My 2011 Top Social List

Another year to start collecting items for review next year. In the mean time should we look at a bit of what went down in social media last year? Usually I can’t be bothered with year-end lists. I used to spend all of New Years Day waiting for the top song of the year in the 100 countdown. That of
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