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Retweet Me Please.

So now that you set up a twitter account, do you know what to do? When to do it? Why you are doing it when and how you are doing it?

Follow those who follow you. There is a magic threshold of where you follow more than follow you that will have you marked as a spam account. You might be on twitter just to follow celebrites etc, but when you are following over 60 or more and six or under are following you then the magic 10% kicks in. I believe the number is more valid when your into triple digits, so all those Justin Bieber fans can relax. When someone follows you, thank them and follow them back. Unless, of course, they are a spam account.

Please RT Me
Simply ask folks to do you a favour works wonders. Use the phrase “please retweet”.

Grammar and Spelling
OK so yeah its limited to 140 characters, but spelling and grammar still count to some degree. Just make sure it is understandable.

Shorten Your Urls.
Use a scheduler and tweeting tool like Hootsuite to shorten your urls and provide tracking. Short urls are better looking and easier to share. A scheduler helps with the next point too.

A scheduler like Hootsuite manages accounts, character counts, scheduling and also tracking of shortened URLs.

Tweet when the Time is Right
If you want to target business, tweets are best read at 10am EST and 4pm EST. If you are targeting consumers, the best times are Saturday and Sunday and weeknights. Sunday morning is the weakest part of the week. If you are not in the river of information when people peer over the side of the twitter bridge as the content flows through, your rubber ducky tweet will float on by and be unseen.

Make it Count
“My pants are tight.” Um. So what? give me something to chew on, debate, think about or pique my curiosity. Don’t tweet about your pants.

Make your Own Content
If all you do is retweet others, then that might be OK if you collect information for others to look at, but that is also what lists are for (another topic for another day). Intersperse your tweets with retweets, page tweets (from share widgets on websites) and some of your own thoughts.

Give More Meaning
Read an article in the paper you want to tweet about? Use thier share widget but replace thier copy with your own take on it. URLs in tweets work wonders.

Move to the Middle.
Placement of a link is best in the MIDDLE of the tweet. This is what research shows as the most effective placement of it for getting retweets.

Add the hash or # symbol to your tweet keywords so that they are easily found. These can be at the end of the tweet, or where ever you use it in the tweet.

Get in on Google.
Make sure you fill out your description of yourself in your twitter account with keywords and utilize those keywords when you tweet.

Make Room
Remember that people like to add a bit of spin in a retweet. So make sure you leave room or that your tweet can be edited without making it unreadable.

So a good example might be:

please retweet. Added a new #blog post today. http://ow.ly/8DgYS  “Retweet Me Please” – All about how to use #twitter. #socialmedia101


2 Responses to “Retweet Me Please.”

  1. textureweb says:

    Melissa, that is more of a spam profile. If you chose first to follow Flight Network because it interested you, THEN they should follow you back as a courtesy – however if you are not tweeting for a business reason, then it is suspect as to why they would follow someone.

  2. Melissa Castle says:

    And another thing, based on the tips in the post, it’s a given, but it does bear repeating: when tweeting links, add a comment so people know why it interests you or why they should be interested (I think you may have mentioned that in another post as well).