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Facebook Image Measurements

Just a simple guide to the image sizes for use on your Facebook Page. See the tag cloud for more specific help on implementing a Page App or creating a Page.

Profile Photo
Width: 180px
Height: 180px

Cover Photo
Width: 851px
Height: 315px

Status Update
Status update length: 63,206 characters
Comment length: unlimited

Page App Icons
Width: 111px
Height: 74px
Maximum file size: 5MB

Page App Thumbnail
Width: 16px
Height: 16px

Page App Canvas
Width: 760px (Facebook claims 810, but 760 is the best fit)
Height: Unlimited if proper code is used.

Milestone Pictures in Timeline
Width: 843 pixels
Height: 403 pixels

Pinned Post Image
Width: 403px
Height: 403px
Will be centered.

Posted Photo (Timeline or Album)
Max Width: 2048px
Max Height: 2048px
Display Width: 960px
Display Height: 720px

Maximum Size: 1024MB
Maximum Length: 20 minutes

Ad Image
Width: 110px
Height: 80px
Size: 5MB

Ad Text
Header: 25 characters
Body copy: 135 characters