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Matching Up Profile and Cover Photos in Facebook

I have been seeing a lot of mismatched cover and profile photos on pages where they owner wants the two images to integrate and wanted to review this as it has been some time since I have done that in an article called Facebook Image Measurements. Lets start with a template. You can achieve this by doing a screen grab.
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Looking for a Little Third Party Like

The following story from the Metro chronicles the efforts that Ford has taken with regards to social media. I find it not only interesting, but a story that continues to change and evolve as social media becomes more of our lives. Facebook is bringing brands closer to the consumer and letting the consumer take the controls with it comes to
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Witness to Incident Flames the Local Social

There has been a local story that has really taken hold here in the port city. Halifax has always been a rough town. With a large number of late night drinking establishments, a large contingent of students and a local population that has a history of somewhat an affinity for the drink, this story is certainly one that resonates. Before
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Keith’s Fails on Valentine’s Day

Alexander Keith’s asked on Facebook “Happy Valentine‚Äôs Day. Will you be sharing a Keith’s with someone special tonight?” on Valentine’s Day this year. I am not sure if the demographic they are reaching out to is particularly tied to having a cold one with someone special. Perhaps more of a wine variety? Interesting the comments that they got back in
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Music and the Shore #facebookfail

In somewhat the same vein as an article earlier this week, here I want to make a few points about how Facebook is pushing more the ‘pages I might like”. Today I was recommended a page to like. That is the page you see above. After I liked the page, up came the recommendations of other pages. Now this particular
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Like and Comment this Post

It’s far easier to like a post than comment is it not? Think about a friend posting a picture. How often do you comment as opposed to simply liking it to let them know you appreciate the post. Now think about posting as a Facebook page admin. When you post something you are more often to get a like than
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The Good and Bad of Milk

Recently a friend on Facebook shared a photo. Turns out the photo is part of a larger contest from Farmers Dairy. I am one of those brand loyalists with my milk and Farmers is not my dairy brand, having been raised on Scotsburn. Turning to Facebook to see how the two stack up I noticed a big difference. I should
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Real World Share Code

Straight from, Here is some share code. Why did I ‘share’ this with you? Look at the first link – the one for facebook. That will show you how to not only share, but prescribe the link image and the copy rather than having Facebook randomly select incomplete copy or text. Especially important if your page is all video
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Quick Tip: Make a Photo POP on Facebook Timeline

  Be it your own, or on a page you manage, use the highlight tool in the top right corner to bring more attention to a photo. So the above becomes this:   This also has a big impact in an album or your main photo page: When Highlighted, it becomes powerful. And kinda nice to look at:   See
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Page Post Ads Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

Qwaya created an infographic in order to help you create Page posts that translate well into Page post ads, and is essentially a checklist for you to run through when creating Page posts that you might want to sponsor.