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Dove and Olgivy: Trojan Backfire

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 1.52.10 PMThe Dove beauty brand is well known for pushing the envelope to show people as people and not models.  This time they went too far though.

They created what amounts to a Trojan and possibly illegal file in the form of a Photoshop actions file. Once downloaded the user expected it to create a glow effect but instead it reverted the file to what appears to be the original state. Since the action most likely could only achieve that by creating undos, this may or may not have worked as there is only up to 30 undos that can be made in actions or memory. And if the file was saved beforehand, then it would be moot. I really don’t think that in the end that the goal could be achieved. So therefore the agency that came up with this stupidity sold the client on a creative idea that was mislead. If it was Dove that came up with the idea, then it was incumbent on the agency to advise Dove not to go down this path.

So as a designer looking for perhaps some quick solutions, or one who may not have the knowledge, an unsuspecting person would be basically screwed out of some time (download/install/fixing/removing/cleaning/worrying about it) by Dove.

Now lets look at Dove. Dove is owned by the same multinational as Axe – you know that one that says if you wear it you will be a sexual attractant for women? Yep.

And the video? Apparently as it is lambasting art directors, creative directors and photo ‘retouchers’, the video is hosted by an agency. Olgivy Toronto. One who uses those talents even in a Dove ad. Pimples and bruises? Never on a Dove ad. So this is not only a campaign that is borderline treacherous, but is to me one that is hypocritical at the very very least.

Really Dove? Olgivy? Is this the best you can do? Attack ads and Trojan campaigns? Seeing that there is only one video posted,


“After years of celebrating Real Beauty and helping women find happiness in how they look, Dove decided to try something different. For the first time, we spoke directly to those responsible for manipulating our perception of beauty – art directors, graphic designers and photo retouchers – in a place only they could be reached.”

Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne/Ogilvy, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Matt Hassell, Ian MacKellar
Art Director: Stefan D’Aversa
Copywriter: Noah Feferman
Account Director: Aviva Groll
Account Supervisor: Asha Davis