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Encouraging Signs of a Proactive Youth

On the weekend, my daughter suggested that if she got over 10,000 likes, would I quit smoking. I was not sure that she could get this number as she did not mention where she was going to post it. So thanks to the power of social connectivity, I guess I have to at least give it a try.

My daughter posted it on a Facebook page with over 12,000 likes, called Certified Teen’s Page. As of today the numbers speak volumes about the future of our digital children. I think that social connectivity has it’s downside yes, but also these teens are being proactive on social, political and yes health issues that in the end work for the betterment of society.

In three days she received more than 32,000 likes; 230 shares; and more than 382 comments. Most of the comments were encouraging me to quit and also congratulating my daughter for her efforts. That is a bit of data that is hard to ignore. Heck we all know it’s bad for you. But it is hard to quit. Sometimes it takes a bit more encouragement than being hounded about it all the time.

So here goes. I am going to have to figure a plan and pick a day to start. I need a few days to psch myself up first though.

Thanks for the social crowd effort, my daughter.


Update: Some of those comments in the page thread said I put it on my daughter. To be clear she is the one who came up with the idea and asked me. So comments such as “Dads a coward for putting this on you” and “Your daddy needs to grow a pair and take responsibility for his own actions” are completely inappropriate. Really – will that help me quit? Nope. Interesting it is adults posting the bully comments. It is obvious from some of this vitriol that these people do not understand that this is a teen page. How’s that adult lead by example working for you? (Yes I know its pot-kettle-black because I smoke, but I am talking about online bully tactics here).

What does help and is so encouraging is the comments such asĀ  “lol I don’t think my dad could (do) that you have an awesome dad! go you!” and “You have a beautiful daughter to love and live for”. That is what makes those bully comments irrelevant.

Anyone have an ashtray?