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Is Your Brand Afraid of Comments? Engage.

How is it that some are still not understanding the value of social media to their bottom line. Could it be that these companies are afraid to engage customers or have to face consumer comments?Perhaps this more traditional explanation of how important it is to be involved might help – if not directly then as an acedote to help those of you who have to suit up armour to convince organizations who see social media as a place to vent about cats and sleeping habits.

On the weekend as the snow melted, the need for a new pressure washer became apparent. I went first to Canadian Tire. Not the store, but the website to see what was in stock and available. For me it was an exercise in trying to find out what folks had to say about products that I wanted.

I was targeting specifically a gas Briggs and Stratton model as my attachments investments dictated I had to ensure that my $300 of hosiery and nozzles would work. I found one model that suited my fancy. When I came to the product page, it had a section for reviews. Here folks submitted their thoughts and photos with regard to the product. Some were positive, some negative. Regardless of being on social media platforms or not, the product had already started to be talked about. Being on social media would allow the company to respond directly with those who have concerns or questions and as a result be more involved with the consumer.

So what about Facebook? Briggs and Stratton has a few pages but I chose the one with the most likes.  How is that company doing? Not so good when I did a search. It would seem that the official page does not come up. Only an unofficial page. They should approach Facebook to either shut this one down, or merge it.

The problem here is that the page with about 2000 likes came up but the official with about 9000 did not in the search. Even though the official one had a username tag. The reason is I am not a big fan of the brand, so used the word AND not the & character used in the brand. The username is briggsandstratton, but the title is Briggs & Stratton. Facebook returns based on the title, not the username.

So what about the official page then. Are they doing well there? Yes. Aside from not finding it easily (I used Google for ‘Briggs and Stratton Facebook’ to find it) the page is using a good profile pic and cover photo. The are also engaged and trying on winback with complaints. The situation is that if the did not have the official page, the complaint would go unanswered as it is on the unofficial page.

Comment on the official page with a response.

Comment on the official page with a response.

Comment on the unofficial page with no brand interaction.

Comment on the unofficial page with no brand interaction.


So, be involved, protect your brand and reach out to those who have a valid complaint. Ignore those who just hate your brand and remind them that the page is for enthusiasts or customers with questions.

Do not be afraid. Because the reviews on your products by every day people are out there. Whether you choose to have your company on Facebook, twitter or another platform – or not.

Update: I bought the unit and also posted on the review page. It appears that is is moderate as it is not instantaneous posts. That  might be a go9d thing  not, If the product t fails I will be back at Canadian Tire for rebate and then there will be a shitrope a happening.