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Stop New Telecom Fees

Today’s post is from OpenMedia about new fees. Nothing makes me angrier than fees for no reason. Well maybe some other things piss me off, but this is up there.

It looks like we’re about to see new texting charges imposed on our telecom bills for no reason.

Telus has already sent a message to customers announcing an arbitrary new fee on text messages that cross the Canada-U.S. border.1 You can expect other providers to follow up with their own set of fees now.

It’s a cash grab and everyone knows it.

Big Telecom companies can only price-gouge us like this because Conservative Industry Minister Paradis refuses to enforce the government’s own rules – rules that are supposed to ensure we have access to affordable independent telecom options.2

In this moral vacuum, telecom giants like Rogers and Telus have started a process to take over Canada’s scarce wireless assets, including every major independent mobile provider.3

We know that if the party leaders hear your voice right now it could tip the balance and force the government into action. Please take a moment to send a message to all the party leaders (including Stephen Harper) now.