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Keep Me Waiting and I Will Leave

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I tied to think up a great blog but in the end I was defeated. My laser mouse was all over the place. WTF i said to myself. Oh it might have been easier if  I did to have so much in my mind with the job search but there it stands.

I have had major hurdles both with my own system and my host provider in the last month or so and this to me was one more kick in the shin (it hurts more than the ass – believe me). So here I was iwth my external keybord and my mouse not fixing up. Sigh really? Cause I just got my Mac airport (MS refers to this as a radio) wireless to work. No thanks to the Apple Store in Halifax. They told me when I dropped by to inquire that I should wait.

So at the Apple store I waited. I counted 4 otheres being served before me. I Know that you have to schedule, but that is what I wanted to do. I was sidelined even in my attempt to ask about how my airport could be fixed and book and appointment.

At noon today Marina and I went to Scotia Square. She and I had a great lunch with the Seoaul chicken from Koren Garden and then she went for a pedicure. I mosied over to my choice of hair cuts and got an appointment right off. That is service. Apple needs to figure this out. I had lots asking me if I needed help, but not one blu shiorted bingo could help me and all told me to book.

End of day I figured it out myself. Like most do. Cause Apple stores just want to reign you in for an upgrade.

This is a lesson for you with actual stores, but also applies to everyojne who interact with customers online.

Deliver. Deliver.Deliver.