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YouTube Channel Art – Bigger Than You Think

The following is what I found on YouTube and wanted to share it with you here. The channel art on YouTube is not just a small image, but one that you should look at exploring a bit further if you are using your channel for professional reasons.

I thought I might post it in it’s entirety for educational reasons in case you were not aware.

I think it is a vast improvement over the latest on twitter which conflicts with text.

twitter profile


Channel Art Guidelines

Channel Art Specs

Channel Art Specs
How to optimize channel art in the new design for desktop, Smart TVs, phones, and tablets. Download the template here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2972003?topic=16630&ctx=topic&hl=en#

For optimal results on all devices we recommend uploading a single 2560 X 1440 px image that has been optimized to fit the below template:

You can download the template here: Channel Art Template (Fireworks) Channel Art Template (Photoshop)

Note: All of the pixel dimensions have more than doubled from what you would measure on normal monitors. This is to accommodate retina displays. On non-retina displays the image will be scaled to less than half the size with the same aspect ratios.

How it works on Desktop

The below slice would be your desktop banner. It’s total dimensions are 2560 X 423 px.


New channels will have a flexible width on desktop, meaning that the site will scale to reveal more content on larger browser windows. There is a minimum size at which point the site would no longer adapt and a scroll bar would appear in the browser window. At the minimum width the channel art is 1546 X 423 px (this is the “Safe area” given that text & logos will not be cut off). At the maximum width, the channel art is 2560 X 423 px. This means that the “SAFE AREA” (channel art at minimum width) will always be visible and the areas to the right and left (shown with green arrows) might be visible depending on the viewer’s browser size.


Total Size: 2560 X 423 px
Safe Area (Always visible): 1546 X 423 px Centered on the image
Flexible Area (may be visible): 507 px to the left and 507 px to the right of the safe area.

Example of channel at Min width:

Example of channel at Max width:

How it works on TV
The whole image will be used. Aspect ratio is 16:9 i.e. 2560 x 1440 px
How it works on Mobile
On mobile we will be using the safe area (red box in diagram above) scaled down to the width of  the mobile screen (which varies by device).
How it works on Tablets
On tablets we will be using a slightly wider slice which is indicated by the pink box above. The aspect ratio of this slice is 1855 px by 423 px.