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Comment with Reach

I recently had a complaint with my local radio station. When I commented on their page, I also took the time to post it to my own timeline. Copying and pasting the same text will ensure that you are replicating the same message.

To start though, use the @ symbol in front of the name. In this case I used @Q104 which then allowed me to choose that page. This then will link to that page through the user name and at the same time will publish to the page’s timeline as well – IF the page allows it.

The following is how it will appear on the page. If you do this, you might have to sort the page posts by “Posts by Others” which is at the very top of the postings and drop down where it says “Highlights”.

My post is on the right, while the post to the page is on the left. This is from the actual Facebook page. Notice that the interactions on my timeline are different from those on the page of the radio station.


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