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1923 or 2013 – Same Diff. Be Changeable.


Ivy Ledbetter Lee (July 16, 1877 – November 9, 1934) is considered by some to be the founder of modern public relations.

In my second installment about the advent of marketing, history and advertising I want to draw attention to something that was prevalent in the first decade of the 20th century.

This was the line of still new or fresh or undebated ideas about psychological and analytical analysis. Still at that time, one could take leanings or rather reports and relate those to the message that they wanted.

Such be the case of Ivy Lee. Originally, Lee was all for the idea that advertising was nothing more and did it’s best work with giving the facts.

I digress. In the latter part of his illustrious career, Lee changed his tune. He stated that “we must remember that people are more guided by sentiment than by mind.”

So goes a little noted but at the time a large 180 from someone on Madison Ave.

So why drag this up? Well be it 100 years ago or now, be not afraid of embracing new leanings. Like Lee, you will learn or know about practices that fly in the face of what you have been espousing for the past while.

Do not be afraid. Be bold. Change your advice based on knowledge and be confide that at some point you have done the best you could with the information on hand. The information has now changed.

So instead of sticking to a doctrine, stick to change and your client will respect your for that.

And being honest.

Be strong. Cause change these days happens between when you wake yp and when you brush your teeth.