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AdChoices – Control Yourself Sir.


No doubt you have seen the recent development with advertising – allowing you to determine if ads will continue to be shown to you or not. I don’t mean all ads, just those who are participating in this program. The value to this for the viewer is the minimizing of ads that they don’t want due to non interest or repetition. The value to the advertiser is of course the same thing. As the user cuts out those ads they do not want, others can be allowed to better target those users. For example, if you do not like the Adobe ad below, then you would have clicked on the blue arrow icon in the top right. This would stop – or supposedly stop those ads being sent to you.

If you do not use the software, then Adobe saves on having to put out ads where there is no value. If on the other hand you do not click to not show the ad, and allow it to run, then then the ad is reaching a more targeted set.

The Advertising Option Icon gives you transparency and control for
interest-based ads:

  • Find out when information about your online interests is being gathered or used to customize the Web ads you see.
  • Choose whether to continue to allow this type of advertising.

The AdChoices Icon (also known as the “Advertising Option Icon”) is a sign for consumer information and control for interest-based advertising (which is also referred to as “online behavioral advertising”). When you see the AdChoices Icon on a Web page or near a Web banner, it lets you know that information used to infer your interests is being gathered or used to improve the ads you see. By clicking on the AdChoices Icon, you learn about how interest-based ads are delivered to you. More importantly, the AdChoices Icon gives you the ability control whether you receive interest-based advertising and from which companies.

Some of the background on this was that this is the requirement for 80% of behaviourally targeted online display ads across the European Union to carry the AdChoices icon by June 2012. Yes as in this Friday.

Do you think that this will help or hurt the online advertising industry? Is it a good thing? Feel free to post your thoughts.