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Photography or Art? Sheer Brilliance

I recently watched a documentary on the photographer Gregory Crewdson. I hesitate to call him a photographer. His is more artist than mere cataloger of a moment. His migration from earlier works to now sound stage set ups or in-situ panoramas that are planned, stages, lit, directed and executed much like a movie set, but of course the result is
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This USB Wallplug is a Household Peacemaker

ThinkGeek has an handy addition for my kitchen counter area. A wall plug with two USB conversion outlets for recharging devices. By including two USB ports in the wall plate next to the regular sockets I now do not have to keep unplugging the toaster and the coffee maker just to get my phone recharges with the adapter. Also gone
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A New Look on an Old Media Format

The New York Public Library LabsĀ  has developed an interesting tool for transforming historical stereographs from The New York Public Library and other participating organizations into shareable 3D web formats called the Stereogranimator. The site posts stereographs which you can then choose from (pick one at random or search by a keyword). Its best to choose one that will give
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Your World in 8 Bit Glory

Welcome to 2013. I am a little slow off the mark this year, but did want to share this new feature from Google Maps. Think of your maps but in the 8 bit frameset. Backwards compatible with NES as well. OK – it might be a little of a stretch, but I found it amusing. Mashing 2012 with 1982. Zinga.
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AdChoices – Control Yourself Sir.

  No doubt you have seen the recent development with advertising – allowing you to determine if ads will continue to be shown to you or not. I don’t mean all ads, just those who are participating in this program. The value to this for the viewer is the minimizing of ads that they don’t want due to non interest
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