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Photography or Art? Sheer Brilliance

I recently watched a documentary on the photographer Gregory Crewdson. I hesitate to call him a photographer. His is more artist than mere cataloger of a moment. His migration from earlier works to now sound stage set ups or in-situ panoramas that are planned, stages, lit, directed and executed much like a movie set, but of course the result is 50 or so frames, rather than reams of footage.

Crewdson takes his results into post production and executes without hesitation digital manipulation to produce astounding photos that tell a story in a different way to each who view them. The images are based on family, neighborhood or street locations. To me it is some of the best work for photo art out there. The lines of course become blurred to the aspect of whether or not these are photos, art or a combination. A collage in it’s form is a media which can utilize art or photography, but is called neither.

I wonder how much more effort would have been required, or if indeed, these results could have been taken to the upper level they are at without digital planes onto which photos can be enhanced, merged, edited and finally composed.

Regardless the result is sheer artistic brilliance and evokes more thought than a snap or landscape photo that the average one of us could ever achieve.