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Wipe Me with a Porterhouse Please.

“Premium shammy polishes for steak-free finish”

Recently while grocery shopping I noticed a new product which might help me keep my stainless appliances up to par. Wipes, regular clothes and other solutions are a pain as anyone who bought a stainless appliance will attest to (why did they stop making black or even avacado green?).

This product was from Scotch Brite. What did catch my eye right away was a misprint. The product was made here in Canada, so the idea of bad Asian translation we sometimes attribute this to is not in play.

I had to post this on the Facebook page – more in jest than a complaint: “Premium shammy polishes for steak-free finish”.

Upon posting to the page for Scotch Brite – I noticed that there is now a new function which makes it that much more of a challenge and an opportunity for brands. Embedding. Available to a post on a page, you can now bring that post into a website such as this blog and share. No more do I have to do a screen grab. Of course if the brand chooses to delete said image, I always have a backup plan. Repost with a question why the deletion and screen grab that one.

In this case it should be interesting to see the development of the post. And the comical side as well.

I am glad however that I am neither the account person or the proofer at the agency, nor the client who signed off on this. How does this happen. More than likely speed to market and rushing the creative by both the client and the agency. This is not the first time I have seen such mistakes.

As a closer – even those at Walmart did not catch this when posting it.

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  1. textureweb says:

    BTW the product is OK. Just don’t use it with soap.