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Your World in 8 Bit Glory

Welcome to 2013. I am a little slow off the mark this year, but did want to share this new feature from Google Maps. Think of your maps but in the 8 bit frameset. Backwards compatible with NES as well. OK – it might be a little of a stretch, but I found it amusing. Mashing 2012 with 1982. Zinga.
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Google Streetview. Capturing the Day.

In some ways Google Streetview is akin to those photo projects where numerous photographers contribute a slice of life to a project in a day. Though Streetview captures the street-scape as is, it also captures it over many different periods so you may see sun and sky on one street and then turn up another and see snow and cloud
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Frankenstorm Sandy and Google

Google Crisis Response is a project by Google which has partnered with government agencies, NGOs and commercial organizations that publish authoritative emergency information during disasters or emergency situations for supporting first responders. Google’s contributions can include: updated satellite imagery of the disaster area, charitable donations to organizations on-the-ground, outreach through Google web properties, and engineering tools, such as Google Person
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